Nymphomaniac //Lars von Trier // Amazingly provocateur// Increiblemente provocador.

Two years after being expelled from the Cannes film festival after joking he was a Nazi, Lars von Trier is back with a bang – or rather a series of them. The Danish director’s latest production contains scenes of oral sex, anal sex and threesomes, together with an extended montage of penis types. Detractors be warned: Denmark’s arch provocateur shows no sign that he is mellowing with age.

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Richard Kern // The thin line between fine art and voyeurism // La Frontera entre el arte y el Voyeurismo.

Before becoming known as a photographer, Richard Kern was director of short death-punk films, pioneering a post-Warholian B porn aesthetic that made itself at home on Sonic Youth album covers and in East Village basement screening rooms at a time when it was still possible to call such culture “underground.” In the meantime, Kern’s photographs have been published in magazines as various as Purple and Barely Legal. Kern does porn, art, and also fashion photography…

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