Clayton James Cubitt // Pornographic

Clayton James Cubitt, a.k.a. Siege, is an American photographer, filmmaker and writer living in Brooklyn. He is known for applying an “arrestingly controlled and sleek sense of style” to art, portrait, erotic and fashion photography. He has been described as “one of a new breed of photographers no longer content to draw a distinction between the worlds of fashion, art, and porn.”

Clayton Cubitt takes his pornographic photographs of models and copulating couples are best described as juicy, meaty and, fulfilling. The subject matter might sound pretty, but it isn’t always—chickens are not the beauty queens among birds. Cubitt’s beautiful body of works is a study in contrast of the irregular and irrepressible physicality of sex and his controlled, sleek sense of style. His work is gritty without being earnest or silly, and a playful yet mature intimacy in his approach to “adult play.”

Cubitt’s portrait of a girl’s smooth, alabaster vagina within a matching-colored antique frame from his “Cream” series was recently included alongside work by John Currin, Tracey Emin, Richard Phillips, Paul McCarthy, Lisa Yuskavage and Orly Genger in “Talk Dirty to Me,” at New York’s Larissa Goldston Gallery. Cubitt is currently working on a series of large-scale nudes splattered with Indian ink. And though he is definitely not shy, he will have unattributed work (although it will be unmistakably his) in the upcoming “Anonymous” group show at New York’s Envoy gallery.  Here we discuss the many facets of his work, which he laments is too often misconstrued as “too porn for the art world, too art for the porn world. And too art-porn for the commercial world.”



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