I.M. Pei // 貝聿銘 // Master of modern architecture // El maestro de la arquitectura moderna.

“It is good to learn from the ­ancients,” says IM Pei with a smile. “I’m a bit of an ancient ­myself. They had a lot of time to think about architecture and landscape. Today, we rush ­everything, but architecture is slow, and the landscapes it sits in even slower. It needs the time our political systems won’t allow.”

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Julius Shulman and the Case Study Houses // Julius Shulman y el programa “Case Study House”

The Case Study Program was the brainchild of John Entenza, who had announced it in the January 1945 edition of Arts and Architecture magazine. Entenza’s goal was to encourage architects to design and build low cost modern houses for real clients, using industrial materials donated by manufacturers.

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